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Xi hails 'groundbreaking' achievements

[2016-09-06 02:46]

Leaders of major economies reached consensus during the G20 summit on seeking workable solutions for global growth and development.

Xi expects China-Japan ties back on normal track

[2016-09-05 22:25]

President Xi Jinping told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday that China and Japan should "put aside disruptions" and bring their relations back on the normal track as soon as possible.

Obama, Putin meet on G20 sidelines over Syria, Ukraine

[2016-09-06 04:41]

US President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, discussed the Syria and Ukraine issues at a meeting here Monday on the sidelines of the 11th Group of 20 summit.

G20 to explore long-term growth potential: China's Xi

[2016-09-05 20:37]

Leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) major economies agreed to use multiple policy tools to ward off short-term risk and explore medium- and long-term growth potential.

G20 to advance anti-corruption campaign: Xi

[2016-09-05 19:55]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday said members of the G20 have agreed to advance anti-corruption campaign including the establishment of a research center on fugitive repatriation and asset recovery in China

G20 summit concludes with historic consensus on world growth

[2016-09-05 19:07]

The Hangzhou Consensus was reached on facilitating world economy through long-term, comprehensive, open, innovative and inclusive measures.

G20 leaders agree to further int'l financial institution reform

[2016-09-05 23:00]

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Monday that G20 leaders have agreed to continue international financial institutions' quota and voting right reform to better represent emerging-market and developing countries.

In pics: scenery of 11th G20 summit host city

[2016-09-06 07:28]

In pics: scenery of 11th G20 summit host city

Xi hails 'groundbreaking' achievements

[2016-09-06 02:46]

Leaders of major economies reached consensus during the G20 summit on seeking workable solutions for global growth and development.

Hangzhou G20 results that benefit your life

[2016-09-05 14:51]

The G20 summit not only matters to countries all over the world, but also benefits their citizens. Let's take a look at what benefits the summit brings.

China to encourage business investment in Spain

[2016-09-05 13:34]

The Chinese government is willing to encourage domestic companies to invest in Spain as the two countries are seeking to boost bilateral ties, President Xi Jinping said on Monday.

Xi's words at G20 under global spotlight

[2016-09-05 13:30]

The world turned its eyes to President Xi Jinping as he delivered a speech at the opening of the G20 Summit in East China's Hangzhou on Sunday. Here is a selection of international media reports.

B20 summit concludes with many consensuses, results

[2016-09-05 09:55]

The summit issued the B20 2016 Policy Recommendations report to the G20, raising 20 important aspects of recommendations and 76 concrete measures.

No basis seen for long-term drop in Chinese currency

[2016-09-05 09:09]

Experts expect the renminbi to remain stable against a basket of currencies as there is no long-term basis for depreciation.

Action, not words needed to lift economy

[2016-09-05 06:32]

President Xi Jinping urged the leaders of the world's biggest economies to deliver "real action" and "no empty talk" as they attempt to steer the global economy out of its sluggish state.

Infrastructure helps regional integration

[2016-09-05 07:34]

Infrastructure connectivity is a focus of both the Belt and Road Initiative and the G20 Leaders Summit because of its significance for boosting economic growth and promoting prosperity.

G20 dinner: Fine dining that's fit for kings

[2016-09-05 07:19]

World leaders were treated to the best of China's haute cuisine in Hangzhou, a onetime royal playground.

Exclusive interview with Tom Bernes

[2016-09-05 16:15]

Exclusive interview with Tom Bernes

Journalists cover G20 Summit

[2016-09-05 13:40]

Journalists cover the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province.