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Global media casts verdict on Hangzhou's G20 summit

[2016-09-02 11:11]

This year's G20 summit, to be held in Hangzhou, China, has gained a growing amount of attention from the international community. Here is a selection of quotes from international media.

World leaders arrive in Hangzhou for G20 summit

[2016-09-02 10:51]

World leaders arrive in Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province, to attend the G20 summit.

China growing at sustainable rates good for global economy: Lagarde

[2016-09-02 10:38]

Slower but more stable growth in China can be beneficial for the world economy in the long run, the head of the International Monetary Fund said.

China has key role in leadership

[2016-09-02 08:12]

South Africa expects China to play a bigger role in enhancing the voice and representation rights of African countries in international organizations, to promote a more just and fair global order.

China's economic fundamentals remain strong

[2016-09-02 07:52]

China's economic growth stabilized in the first half of this year, with initial signs showing it could continue to be stable during the rest of the year, say analysts.

Journalists laud focus on developing countries

[2016-09-02 07:43]

Foreign journalists are hoping that China can draw the world's attention to economic growth and developing countries during the G20 Summit as they prepared for the coverage of the event on Thursday.

UN representative points to Beijing's global leadership

[2016-09-02 07:39]

A rich package of policy actions in line with the Chinese G20 presidency's priorities are expected to be among the outcomes of the G20 Summit, G20 Sherpa Lenni Montiel said.

'All policy tools’ to aid growth push

[2016-09-02 02:17]

China and other key economies are ready to work toward balanced and sustainable growth in global business, says vice-governor of central bank.

Golden opportunity captured

[2016-09-02 02:17]

Shutterbugs in Hangzhou are having a field day as the city emerges in a sharp azure splendor and the normally dense crowds become more manageable.

Business 20 group urges steps to curb protectionism

[2016-09-02 02:17]

Business 20, a major support group for the G20 from industrial and commercial circles, has called on world leaders to make clear and transparent policies, as well as effective standards for handling disputes, to curb rising protectionism in international investment.

China, other G20 members contribute to global financial governance

[2016-09-01 17:44]

China has worked closely with other G20 members in the fields of macroeconomic policy coordination, innovative growth and more effective global economic and financial governance.

G20 coordinators confident of summit's success, accomplishment

[2016-09-01 16:17]

Senior officials in charge of preparations for the upcoming G20 summit in Hangzhou on Thursday gave thumbs-up to China's organizing of the meeting under its presidency.

Chinese scenic city Hangzhou enters 'G20 time'

[2016-09-01 16:09]

A summit of business leaders from G20 members are scheduled to be held on Saturday and Sunday, Jiang Zengwei, chair of the B20 China, said at a press conference on Thursday.

G20 will play vital role in stabilizing global financial markets: China

[2016-09-01 13:42]

The Group of 20 (G20) will play a vital role in stabilizing monetary policies, Zhu Guangyao, China's vice-finance minister, said Wednesday.

China lives up to its exchange rate policy commitment: US Treasury Secretary

[2016-09-01 11:28]

US Secretary of Treasury Jacob Lew said on Wednesday that China's current renminbi exchange rate fluctuations reflect market forces, pointing to the G20 forums as important mechanism to foster global commitments.

China will deliver on G20: official

[2016-09-01 11:26]

Holding the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China is "truly historic" and China's G20 presidency will live up to high expectations from the international community, said a senior United Nations official.

Inviting more developing nations called a smart move

[2016-09-01 09:21]

China's decision to invite a record number of developing countries to the G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou is a smart move that reflects a new approach to managing the organization, observers said.

Her job: Light up dark side of West Lake

[2016-09-01 08:00]

For eight months, Dong Yan, 49, did not take a single weekend off. Her goal was simple yet challenging: to brighten Hangzhou's West Lake for the upcoming G20 Summit.

Volunteers find focus with English

[2016-09-01 07:55]

Older residents add to rich lives by joining effort to support foreigners during Leaders Summit

China continues playing its role in global growth

[2016-09-01 07:49]

China's economic growth has slowed in recent years, but its contribution to the world economy remains significantly more than that of other countries'.