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Brazil's finance minister hails successful presence at G20

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-09-07 10:24

BRASILIA - Brazilian Minister of Finance Henrique Meirelles said Tuesday that the country's participation at the G20 has successfully raised investors interest in the country.

Speaking at a press conference in Brasilia, Meirelles said "the interest to invest in Brazil is very high. This is an extremely promising sign as it shows the belief in Brazil's recovery and we are ready to seriously consider investment options."

The minister added that certain countries have also expressed an interest in advancing commercial negotiations with Brazil.

According to Meirelles, the Brazilian delegation also presented its priorities for the international agenda at the G20, including the fight for sustainable development. Additionally, all parties at the G20 were very interested in understanding Brazil's exact economic situation.

"We clearly laid out Brazil's current situation, what we have done and our proposals to make the Brazilian economy recover. It was a very important contribution," he explained.

During his visit to China, Meirelles said his country had $269 billion in infrastructure investment opportunities by 2019.

The trip to China was the first visit abroad by President Michel Temer and his team, after the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff.

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