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Deli Group sets ambitious target for 2015 online sales

By Meng Jing ( Updated: 2015-04-09 10:50

By leveraging the big data technology e-commerce platforms can offer, Deli Group, a leading office supply maker in China, has set a target of 1 billion yuan ($161 million) for its online sales in 2015.

Deli signed a strategic partnership deal with, the country's largest online direct sales platform on Wednesday, the latest move to boost its sales online.

The partnership is expected to help Deli attract more big enterprise customers as offers a one-stop office supply procurement solution online.

By analyzing previous shopping records, JD can offer suggestions, such as how much paper needs to be bought and the frequency of such purchases, to corporate customers to help them optimize their procurement process and avoid waste.

Chen Xueqiang, vice-director of Deli's marketing department, said that the one-stop online shopping solution can significantly help enterprises reduce the cost of office supplies and help the company earn more business in the digital age.

According to Deli, China accounts for less than 10 percent of the $200 billion global office supplier market. "With the further development of China's economy and the booming consumption market in the country, Deli's office supply business is heading to a rosy future," said Chen.

Deli started to sell its products on in 2011. Its online sales surged rapidly to 500 million yuan in 2014, said the company.

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