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Chinese citizens speak out on pension issues

Updated: 2013-10-21 16:29

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Our reporter Wu Guoxiu has been out on the streets to find out what ordinary citizens think about the current state of pensions here in China, and what changes are needed.

"The government should spend more on pension funds. The funding shouldn't depend on individuals or companies."

"I get 15 hundred yuan per month since I retired. It's hard to live a normal life on that."

"Pensions for company retirees are too low, but some retired civil servants are getting too much. The government should adjust the imbalance."

"I used to live in a rural area. Later I moved to the city. I didn't pay insurance. Now I'm 65, I have no pension at all."

"If they raise the retirement age, it'll make it harder for young people to find jobs."

"Retirement age shouldn't be the same for all jobs. It's a pity to let experienced talents like technology experts and doctors retire around 60. But it's not realistic to let laborers retire at an older age."