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More cross-Straits co-op ahead

Updated: 2013-04-13 01:57
By Sun Li and Hu Meidong in Xiamen, Fujian ( China Daily)

Businesspeople from the mainland and Taiwan are optimistic they will see improved cross-Straits cooperation in the emerging and modern-service industries.

Those industries have enormous market potential in both the global and domestic arena, said Wang Liaoping, president of the Association of Economy and Trade Across the Taiwan Straits, at the 2013 Cross-Straits Economy and Trade Forum on Friday.

The forum is part of the ongoing 17th China Xiamen Machinery & Electronics Exhibition, which runs through Monday.

Because the emerging and modern-service industries play such a big role in tackling the challenges posed by the global financial crisis and the need for industrial upgrading on both sides, this year's forum is themed around cross-Straits cooperation in the two industrial sectors, Wang said.

Both sides of the Taiwan Straits have prioritized industrial sectors in recent years, and now is an opportune time for the mainland and Taiwan to deepen industrial cooperation as well, Wang said.

While the mainland's development blueprint for the 12th Five-Year-Plan period (2011-15) has highlighted the development of seven strategic emerging industries, including energy-saving and environmental protection, information technology and new energy, Taiwan's "golden decade" blueprint (2011-20) spotlighted six emerging industries such as green energy, biotechnology and tourism.

The development of the modern-service industries — which include producer services and consumer services and cover information services, research and development, logistics — are also put high on the agenda of both the mainland and Taiwan's development plans, given the industries' huge potential in boosting revenue, Wang said.

Emerging industries and modern service industries are the main beneficiaries of economic cooperation agreements between the mainland and Taiwan, said Chan Hou-sheng, chairman of the Taiwan-based Cross-Straits Common Market Foundation.

Since the mainland signed the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Taiwan on June 29, 2010, reducing tariffs on more than 800 items, cooperation has expanded in the two industrial sectors, and that will become a foundation of strengthening cross-Straits economic ties, Chan said.

Zhang Canmin, deputy mayor of Xiamen, said the emerging industries and modern service industries cooperation will reach a new level with the project of the Cross-Straits Emerging Industries and Modern Service Industries Cooperation Demonstration Zone.

The demonstration zone, which is now under construction in Xiamen, was approved by the State Council in 2011 to innovate institutional mechanisms for cross-Straits trade cooperation.

Zhang said the demonstration zone will implement more preferential policies in taxation, land use and talent introduction.

It will lower the access threshold, attract Taiwan investment, enhance industry cooperation, and gather businesses in emerging industries.