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Water Splashing Festival celebrated in Yunnan

Updated: 2011-04-19 17:36


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Water Splashing Festival celebrated in Yunnan

Water Splashing Festival celebrated in Yunnan

Water Splashing Festival celebrated in Yunnan

No other ethnic group in China is more passionate about water than the Dai people in Yunnan Province. Every year, they celebrate the New Year based on their calendar, by splashing water on each other, to rinse away sickness and misfortune. This year, between April 11th and 13th, the Dai people in Dehong Prefecture, celebrated the occasion in a special way. Lv Xuemei went to have a look.

On the morning of April.12th, a grand ceremony was held in Mangshi, capital city of Dehong Prefecture. This year, guests from Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and India were invited to take part.

All Dai people, young and old, dressed in their finest, greeted the occasion of Bathing the Buddha, considered a holy ceremony, with the monks. Beautiful and fragrant flowers were put into the water before it was gently poured to wash away the dust on the Buddha statue. Song and dance performances were then staged.

At the ceremony, three world records were recorded, including the heaviest traditional Jingpo Ethnic Group steel knife; the biggest elephant-foot drum, a unique music instrument of the Dai Ethnic Group; and the most dancers, 1,450 Dai ethnic men, performing the elephant-foot drum together.

After the ceremony, people began splashing water over each other for fun as well as blessing to rinse away sickness and misfortune. Very soon it became a water splashing frenzy, as the wetter you get, the more luck you receive, and the happier you will be.

In the evening, a beauty pageant was held, with 47 girls from the Dai Ethnic Group from China, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar taking part, attracting thousands of spectators.

Monthiya Narongchai, Thai Participant, said, “I’m from Thailand, I’m happy to be here. ”

Dao Ying, Chinese Participant, said, “I’m outgoing, I’m confident. It’s my honor to join this competition. Even though I’m not the most beautiful peacock princess, through this competition, all of my abilities can be improved.

Tabea Naf, Swiss Tourist, said, “It’s really professional. I’m very surprised. The women are very beautiful! I almost feel a little bit ugly beside them. It’s really exciting!”

Finally, two young girls from China and Thailand were crowned as the most beautiful peacock princesses.