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Agricultural products and foods star at expo in Xinjiang

By Zhuan Ti (China Daily) Updated: 2015-07-16 11:13

The 2015 Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo will be held in Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region from Aug 12 to 16.

The trade gala has been initiated by the Secretariat of the China-Eurasia Expo and the trade development bureau of China’s Ministry of Commerce.

This year’s expo will adopt a new model, with two major industrial exhibitions plus three smaller ones, employing the principle of small-scale with proficient specialization.

According to Chi Wenjie, secretary general of the expo’s organizing committee, one of the two major exhibitions will be on agricultural products and foods, and the other on textiles and garments. The three smaller exhibitions will on jewelries, jades and other handicrafts, Xinjiang wine and overseas exquisite products.

“The exhibition on agricultural products and foods is the largest among the five, covering an area of 18,470 square meters. It aims to promote sales and cooperation with e-businesses,” said Chi.

“We have invited companies from Russia and countries in central, western and southern Asia to attend the exhibition, in order to promote exports to those countries.”

The exhibition on textile and garments will have carefully selected exhibits from Xinjiang on display.

Delegations from Zhejiang and other provinces and cities with excellent performances in this industry have also been invited to promote mutual exchanges and cooperation.

“We aim to take this opportunity to build Xinjiang into an important center for the textile and garment industry and create millions of new jobs,” Chi said.

Jewelry and jade products as well as Xinjiang wines will feature in two of the smaller exhibitions, where summit forums and seminars on Hetian jade culture and fine wine tasting activities will be held.

Another new feature for this year’s expo is the overseas exquisite products exhibition.

Chi mentioned that companies from more than 30 countries and regions are due to participate and will become a golden opportunity to strengthen mutual understanding and trust and promote cooperation.

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