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Expelling students a decision not to be made lightly

(China Daily) Updated: 2016-03-30 07:32

Expelling students a decision not to be made lightly

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THE FIRST HIGH SCHOOL of Cangzhou, Hebei province in North China, expelled 12 students in March after they were found carrying or using their cellphones on campus. The education authorities in Cangzhou have confirmed that the 12 students have not returned to school since they were told to withdraw, and the school recently announced through its official social media account that it will stick to its decision to expel the 12 students to set an example for other students. Beijing Times commented on Tuesday:

Of course the school has the right to expel the students in some extreme cases, such as if they commit a serious crime. However, expelling the students because they brought their phones to school seems a hard decision. The students also have the right to receive an education and any decision to expel students should be made with prudence.

When students break school regulations, cautioning or communicating with their parents are good ways to help them correct their behavior.

If the school wants to justify its action, it first has to prove it has the legal right to expel the students for bringing their phones on campus. Then it has to prove that it has fulfilled its obligation to try and educate these 12 students but they resolutely refused to accept the supervision of the management, and that the parents failed in their duty to persuade their children to behave according to the school regulations.

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