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Smoking in films and on TV

( Updated: 2015-06-08 08:28

Foxfairy (UK)

I've seen tons of movies (and shows as well) where there was smoking involved, and not once did I have a bit of an urge to grab a cigarette or anything. It's ridiculous, people have to calm down. So people are freaking out about smoking, but they don't have as much to say about things like violence or something? That just seems foolish to me. Yeah, a five-year-old's gonna be watching Spongebob; then they're going to see Spongebob smoking a piece of kelp - then they'll start smoking? There are a LOT worse things in movies than smoke.

Smoking in films and on TV

Leading character of "The Message", played by Chinese actor Wang Zhiwen, is seen holding a cigarette. [Photo/IC]


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