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Top 10 kinds of foreigners in China

By Shark Minnow ( Updated: 2014-11-13 16:14

Top 10 kinds of foreigners in China

The 115th Session of China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) is held on April 17, 2014 in Guangzhou. [Photo/IC]

7. Against Their Will

These foreigners live in China, but unlike China Hands, they hate it! They are here against their will (purely for employment) in whatever field they are in. They are in China simply for the work and have most likely been told by their employer back home in Helsinki that they are to be moved to China. These foreigners will criticize and bash China unabatedly, and go out of their way to complain in any situation. At any rate, they've been here too long. (Really they’re just homesick.)

8. Hipsters/Hutongsters

Mostly 20-somethings, trust-fund grads who want to rebel and live in China for a year or two, rent a stinky old Beijing hutong house with 4 buddies, start a rock band or call themselves DJ BJ and basically get drunk and act cool all the time. (Yeah, like anyone can be cool all the time.) Slackers in their own countries, they are easy to spot, and easily stand out in a crowd. Might do some side teaching for EF (EF, an English training institute in China) if they really need the money, or start a local e-magazine about the "scene".  

9.No Other Choice

Foreigners who have run out of options back home and need to leave their home country for whatever reasons (legal, divorce, family/money problems, etc.)  They can also be involved in illegal activities (drug dealing, prostitution, etc.) once here. Can be desperate/dangerous.

10. Reverse Chinese 

These are Chinese people who were born in China, but moved abroad to either study or get married in the US, became a citizen of the US (usually from USA, sorry!) and have returned to China for work or whatever purpose now as a US citizen. They often like to complain too! And, also have a bit of a superiority complex when talking with common Chinese folk back in China. Can be really annoying with their newfound entitlement, but also can be very good for China when put to good use!

So, that's it! I hope nobody found this offensive, but on the contrary rather amusing and even educational! (I am a teacher after all.)  I would class myself as a 1A with a slice of # 6.

Do you think I missed any? Any you would add as your own?

Be good to each other, and Godspeed.

Honorable Mention:

Looking For Love - Foreigners who come to China (mostly older men) to find a wife and take her back to the West can be seen in many "girlie bars".

Missionaries - Preaching the good word to all who will listen and be saved through baby Jesus. Not so much anymore.


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Top 10 kinds of foreigners in China


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