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Should English teaching jobs be for whites-only?

(,cn) Updated: 2014-10-30 08:09

Fakename (US)

As an American currently living in China as a student I only have this to add. Most of this is pretty true. I have absolutely no teaching qualifications. I haven't even finished my degree yet, which is computer science, by the way. Yet since being in China I have worked at several English learning centers and even taught English at the university level!! I have genuinely tried my best to teach the students and make sure they have a sound understanding of what I'm trying to convey to them.

Should English teaching jobs be for whites-only?

Belgian John Lee plays with children from an early education center in Tianjin on April 5. He can speak Chinese fluently, and is now one of the most popular teachers in the center. (Photo source: Fu Wenchao / for China Daily)

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