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Should English teaching jobs be for whites-only?

(,cn) Updated: 2014-10-30 08:09

Editor's note: Some say that if you are an English speaker with blond hair, white skin and blue eyes, you're guaranteed an English teaching job in China. Many schools will hire you even if you haven't any prior experience, teaching credentials or a working visa. Do you agree or disagree? Forum readers share their thoughts. You're welcome to add yours.

Adu (China)

I am a Chinese who was born and raised in the Philippines. I mean, I've met very nice people here but when it comes to finding jobs, it is a problem. I wanted to find part-time jobs while studying, but I couldn't because they prefer someone who is white. I have a friend from Italy whose English is not as good but she even got more offers to teach English. When she tells potential students that she actually doesn't speak English because she did not really learn or speak the language on a daily basis, they tell her it is all right and that she has amazing English speaking skills. Then, when she referred them to me instead, one look and they declined - just because I looked Chinese. Tough luck for us since we look Asian.

Should English teaching jobs be for whites-only?

An English class at a rural school in the suburbs of Hefei is taught by an American teacher, Sept 11, 2012. [Photo/Xinhua]

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