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Can money buy you happiness?

( Updated: 2014-10-21 08:11


I do believe money can create happiness in certain aspects and to a certain level. Not having to worry about rent, about buying your children school essentials, clothes, food, etc.., about that $600 car that will one day break down on the way to work and get you fired, etc… will make you happy to a certain extent. But money can't make you totally happy. You have to make the effort to surround yourself with people you love, doing things that you love, enriching the lives of your children and yourself but in my opinion, you cannot say money does not bring you happiness until you have crossed a certain threshold of poverty where you can't afford even the basics. If the money is used wisely, it will have amazing results.

Can money buy you happiness?

A bank clerk checks bank notes in a bank in Ganyu, Jiangsu province, Aug 13, 2012. [Si Wei/Asianewsphoto]

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