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Can money buy you happiness?

( Updated: 2014-10-21 08:11

Craig (China)

Statistics show that money doesn't necessarily make people happier, but what it does, is usually make their lives less stressful. If money problems are not much of a worry for you, then you have more time to focus on things you do enjoy, like friends, family, hobbies, learning new things, etc. This is what leads people to happiness. It's the time they have to enjoy things they like with the people they like.

Can money buy you happiness?

A showgirl poses on a yacht at the 16th China International Boat Show 2011 (CIBS) in Shanghai on April 14, 2011. CIBS, Asia's largest yacht show, began April 14, 2011, and around 300 yachts gathered at the marine and on-land exhibit areas. [Photo/CFP]

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