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Can money buy you happiness?

( Updated: 2014-10-21 08:11

Editor's note: Happiness is something that everyone craves for, but how to go about attaining it? Can money make you happy? Forum readers share their thoughts. You're also welcome to add yours.

Susan (US)

Yes, I do think money can buy happiness if it is used humbly by the right person. For instance, someone who donates money for the good of others, uses money to start a satisfying business venture, quits their job to spend more time with their family – can all lead to happiness.

However, if used the wrong way like buying stuff, showing off to others, being reclusive – those can all lead to unhappiness. It's funny though when you look at all the studies of people who win the lottery and very few, if any of them, are actually happier afterwards. It really makes you wonder.

Can money buy you happiness?

A newly married couple in a luxury car. The most favorite purchases of rich Chinese tend to be leather goods and automobiles, according to the latest report by Robb and Ipsos, which said the top two products accounted for about 20 percent of Chinese millionaires' total consumption over the past year. [Wang Zhicheng / For China Daily]

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