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What is the difference between rich family and poor family?

By tanxihua ( Updated: 2014-07-25 17:15

Patricia Briggs, an American writer, said that when life doesn't meet your expectations, it is important to take it with grace.

When a kid is born in a rich family, it seems like that she or he owns the best things. All these basic necessities of life are easy for the rich to get. A rich family's children have a better foundation to make their dream come true and do what they want to do. When students are going to have a long vacation, like a summer or winter holiday, a rich family's children will travel to places they dream about. They have more money to party, shop, travel, go abroad. Their tuition fees are more expensive than those for a poor family's children. Their living expenses are more than those of poor children. All their living costs are too luxurious for poor children.

While they are happy to play with friends and families, poor children might not have enough food to eat, clothes to wear or anyone to care about them. Poor children need to try their best to make a living. They cherish every opportunity to study and earn extra money to help their poor families. What’s worse, some children don’t have a chance to go to school, to see the big world or learn what about the things they are really interest in.

There is a real big difference between a rich family's children and a poor family's children. Some poor children have to drop out of school to earn money. Due to lack of education and proper guidance, some of them may commit a crime, even committed suicide or and become ill with some serious mental disease. This big gap may cause an imbalance between children. Sometimes, make a tremendous effort on one thing, but the result is disappointing. They will make every effort to encourage themselves, when poor children feel they lose hope. When we meet difficulties, obstacles, setbacks, failures and hardships, what we can choose is to face, to overcome, to get over it.

Many facts we cannot change, what we could change are our attitudes. Sometimes, we may lose our mind or our heart, just keep calm and make sure the decisions we make are right. Society, just like a coin, has two sides, imbalance and balance. It depends on your thoughts. The ways of life of a rich family's children and a poor family's children are extremely different. The poor family's children would love to strive for their destiny, and find the proper way to live. No matter who they are, what they do, they just want to enjoy their unique life.

It was like this; you were happy, then you were sad, then happy again, then not. Like a lover, your life bends down and kisses your life. Your story was this; you were happy, then you were sad, you slept, you awakened. -Jane Hirshfield, American poet.

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