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The Dink dilemma

( Updated: 2014-07-23 07:37

Editor’s note: DINK is an acronym for 'Double Income No Kids' which is a lifestyle gaining popularity among young people across China.But for the majority of people, it's still hard to accept the concept of a DINK family. Is it wrong to never have a child? Forum members from all around the world are expressing their ideas. You are welcome to join the discussion.

longzhou (expat in China)

To have or not to have children is a decision that concerns all couples - what's the point in having children if they don't like them and later they're going to be poorly educated or raised?

P.S.: We have three kids and love them, but I understand those who prefer not to have them.

The Dink dilemma

Debbie Yao and her husband, Al Chambers, have been married for five years, but they still haven't agreed on whether they should have a child. Al Chambers doesn't understand why the Chinese value children so much.[Photo/IC]

The Dink dilemma The Dink dilemma
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