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Who does the housework?

( Updated: 2014-07-29 07:57

Editor's note: Is it fair for women to do all the housework? Or should chores be equally distributed with men? Our forum readers from around the world share their views. Your comments are welcome.

Laowai2? (UK)

I am married to a Chinese lady and happy to do the chores, even if she isn't working. More often than not it is me who tells her to sit and relax. I do this because I want to. My way of showing my love, perhaps?

Living in China I know plenty of couples in which women do almost all the housework. If men want traditional lives then the wife should stay at home and not work. If she must work then he must share the household burden too. Why expect her to work and do housework while he works and sits doing nothing?

Who does the housework?

Men or women, who do the housework? [Photo/IC]

Who does the housework? Who does the housework?
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