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Oroqen marriage      2013-12-18

When boys of the Oroqen ethnic minority grow to 15 to 16 years old, their parents begin to look for suitable girls in the outside clans for them.

Mongolian marriage      2013-12-18

If a Mongolian young man takes a liking for a girl, he should entrust a matchmaker to send gifts such as sugar, tea leaves and pastern that symbolize harmony, wetness and prosperity wrapped in a white handkerchief to the girl's home.

Russian marriage      2013-12-18

Russian ethnic minority strictly forbids marriages between close relatives such as cousins but does not limit marriages with other brotherly minorities.

Daur marriage      2013-12-18

According to Daur's custom, the fiancée's side has to send betrothal gifts on a luck day set beforehand.

Ewenki marriage      2013-12-18

Marriage between young men and women of Ewenki ethnic minority are mostly based on free choice.

Barag marriage      2013-12-18

On the spectacular Hulun Buir Grassland, the birthplace of Mongolians, lives the most ancient branch of the Mongolian group -- the Barag Tribe

The Ewenki ethnic group      2013-10-15

According to China's sixth national census, conducted in 2010, there are 30,875 ethnic Ewenki living in the country, compared with their 37,000-odd counterparts in Russia.

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Grassland Tales From Inner Mongolia

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