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Baotou gets micro film award


Updated: 2016-01-29

When China's Golden Roaster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival held its first international micro film ceremony, in Beijing, on Jan 26, the government of the city of Baotou, Inner Mongolia autonomous region got an "Excellent government contribution" award for its micro film Parents and the Oaks.

It centers on two oak trees in the city's North Weapon Park to tell the story of earlier generations who worked for the military and their efforts and great contribution to national defense.

Baotou gets micro film award
Golden Roaster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival's 1st International Micro Film ceremony, in Beijing, on Jan 26. [Photo/www.china.com]

Baotou gets micro film award
Poster for Parents and the Oaks. [Photo/www.china.com]

This short film is a part of a larger micro film series called "Memories of Lucheng (Baotou)", a joint production the Baotou Party publicity department and China Radio International, that describes the city's history and depicts its landscape, modern aspects, fashions, livability, greening, ecology, and its future.

The film crew who took part in the ceremony were Li Dongbin, producer, Sun Yuanfeng, general director, and Zhang Bo, production manager. The judges praised the film and said they were impressed by Baotou’s outstanding film production, especially since this is its first attempt at a film competition.

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