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Inner Mongolia releases regulation for infant formula milk powder supervision


Updated: 2014-08-28

In order to further strengthen supervision over infant formula milk powder manufacturers and urge them to assume safety and quality responsibilities, the Inner Mongolia Food and Drug Administration has released supervision regulations for the infant formula milk powder production processes on August 18.

According to these regulations, the corresponding food and drug administration should check the manufacturers' production records and production control materials when carrying out supervision over enterprise production.

For infant formula milk powder enterprises, they must have legal and valid licenses for production, a marking and labeling system that conforms with state regulations, self-build and self-control milk sources, and implementation of a raw materials’ purchase check and test system.

For those using raw milk powder as raw materials, they must set up an auditing system for raw materials suppliers and a check and test system for raw materials.

Every batch of fresh milk, raw milk powder and whey powder must be strictly checked. Every single process of production must be controllable. Effective controls must be implemented over microbes and contaminants.

An infant formula milk powder manufacturer must have testing capacity for every item related to its products. Inspection is compulsory for every batch of products before delivery out of the plant, as well as comparison validation to guarantee inspection accuracy.

A sound products traceability and information inquiry system must be available for such an production enterprise, in addition to a corresponding electronic information record system and a products information online inquiry system.

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