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Inner Mongolia to launch official English-language website


Updated: 2014-02-11

The Inner Mongolia autonomous region will launch its first English-language website (http://innermongolia.chinadaily.com.cn/) on Feb 12. The website is sponsored by the foreign publicity office of the Publicity Department of the CPC Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Committee, and built by chinadaily.com.cn, the flagship website of China Daily.

The website includes seven sections, including News, which focuses on major news in the autonomous region with an international perspective. The Living section provides information for foreign nationals in the region - including transportation, travel and medical facilities.

Sections like Culture, Doing Business, Visiting, About and Government, offer news and information about politics, the economy, culture and social life in 14 cities in Inner Mongolia.

Bai Yugang, vice-minister of the Inner Mongolia Party Committee Publicity Department, said that Inner Mongolia is in a "critical period" of scientific development, and the region requires integration of international resources to create a better international image.

Bai also said he hopes that the region's English-language website would – with the assistance of China Daily – help to increase understanding about the region among foreign nationals.

Inner Mongolia's grasslands cover an area of one million square kilometers – boasting a huge potential for development - and the region is gradually becoming China's base for clean energy, modern coal chemical industry, green agriculture, animal husbandry products and grassland tourism. In addition, Inner Mongolia is also an ecological barrier and plays an important role in maintaining security and stability in north China.

Inner Mongolia shares borders - stretching over 4,200 km - with Russia and Mongolia, and the autonomous region is implementing its opening up strategy in border regions, in addition to pushing forward construction of a free trade zone involving China, Russia and Mongolia. As a fast developing international path and a window to the outside world, it has become not only a vital bridgehead in North China, but also an economic zone for the opening-up and development in the border.

Bai hopes that the region's English website could create an English network with characteristics of Inner Mongolia. By using China Daily's website advantages in the English language, the autonomous region hops to increase its popularity via newspapers and website that are understandable for foreign readers. The new website will also expand its international influence showing the splendid culture of Inner Mongolia.


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