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Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone


Updated: 2013-12-17

This zone (HETDZ) was founded in 1992, and became a national economic and technological development zone in July 2000, with State Council approval, on a 9.8-square-kilometer area, at a cost of 4.09 billion yuan ($660 million). It contains Ruyi Industrial Park and Jinchuan Industrial Park, with its own water supply, drainage system, electric power supply, road connections, communications, and fuel supply.

It is home to 329 enterprises, 64 large ones, with industrial added value output of 10.9 billion yuan ($1.76 billion), and taxes of 1.22 billion yuan (2009).

Its leading industries are electronic information (Skyworth Electronics Ltd and TCL King Electrical Appliance Ltd), dairy products (Yili Group), precious metals, bio-pharmaceuticals (Fufeng Biotechnology Ltd, Qilu Pharmaceutical Ltd, Inner Mongolia Datang Pharmaceutical Ltd), Mongolian medicines (Zhongmeng Pharmaceutical Ltd), machinery manufacturing (Zhonghuan NC Machine Equipment Ltd, Shanghai Electric Co Ltd), and new materials (Riyue Solar Energy Technology Ltd, Inner Mongolia Huasheng Kaolin Ltd). It also houses a production project of the Tetra Pak Group, a global Top 500 member.


Dong Sheng

Director general of the Economic Development Bureau

Tel: 0471-461-5702

Ruyi Industrial Park

This zone was founded in 1992, with an original area of 3.8 sq km and a planned space of 21.86 sq m for the Park's New Area, with a first-phase area of 6 sq km. Its lead industries are electronic information, precious metals, bio-fermentation and pharmaceuticals. It had industrial added value output of 5.08 billion yuan, in 2009, for a year-on-year increase of 12.1 percent, and revenues of 760 million yuan, up 29 percent.

Key enterprises




Skyworth Electronics

Skyworth TV

1.7 million sets

Tetra Pak (Hohhot)

Aseptic packaging

8 billion packs

Inner Mongolia Qiankun Gold & Silver Refining

Gold, silver products

400 t

Hohhot TCL Shenghua Industrial Co

Foamed plastic products

300 t

Inner Mongolia TCL King Electrical Appliance


1.2 million sets

Inner Mongolia ShuangQi Pharmaceutical

Golden bifidobacterium tablets

1.5 billion

Inner Mongolia Datang Pharmaceutical

Chinese patent medicines

240 t


Hu Jun, Director general of Economic Development, Administrative Committee

Tel: 0471-461-6567

Jinchuan Industrial Park

This Industrial Park was established in August 1992, with an original area of 6 sq km. Work on the park's southern area, planned at 36 sq km, with a first-phase of 3.4 sqm, began in 2005. Its lead industries are dairy, Mongolian medicines (Zhongmeng Pharmaceutical), machinery manufacturing, and new materials.

In 2009, it had an industrial added value output of 5.81 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.5 percent, and revenues of 630.9 million yuan, up 29.41 percent.

Key enterprises




Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group

Dairy products

5 million t

Inner Mongolia Fufeng Biotechnology

Glutamic acid, compound fertilizers

300,000 t

Inner Mongolia FAW-Yiyang Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing

3,000 units

Inner Mongolia Lantai Pharmacy

Chinese, Mongolian, Western medicines

60 t


Yan Zhong, Party chief of the zone's administrative committee

Tel: 0471-360-1231

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