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Hohhot Export Processing Zone


Updated: 2013-12-17

This zone got State Council approval as a national development zone, in June 2002, as part of the Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a planned area of 2.21 sq km, and a construction area of 1 sq km, at a cost of 150 million yuan.

It is home to 10 enterprises, two of them large. Its lead industries are electronic information and new materials. It had industrial added value output of 1.17 billion yuan, in 2009, imports and exports worth $55 million, and taxes of 12 million yuan.

Key enterprises




Inner Mongolia Sunnergy

Monocrystalline silicon,

silicon rods, silicon wafers

250 t

Inner Mongolia Bitel Communication

Optic cable,

optic cable connectors



Wang Xiaotong

Director general, Economic Development Bureau, Administrative Committee

Tell: 0471-228-5745


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