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Updated: 2013-12-17


In 2012, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's sown areas of grain crops consists of 5.59 million hectares.

In 2012, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's sown areas of grain crops consisted of 5.59 million hectares, and the gross grain output reached a record high of over 25.28 million tons, including 1.45 million tons of oil-bearing crops, 1.68 million tons of beets, 14.76 million tons of vegetables and 2.84 million tons of fruits.

The autonomous region also had a total of 112.63 million cattle in 2012, marking an increase of 68.27 million during the year. And, according to preliminary statistics, the annual output of meat totaled 2.46 million tons, including 739,000 tons of pork, 512,000 tons of beef and 886,000 tons of mutton.

The output of milk, cashmere, eggs and aquatic products was 9.1 million tons, 7,642 tons, 545,000 tons and 131,6000 tons, respectively.

The region aims to modernize its agricultural sector, and mechanized agriculture accounted for 73 percent of the region's agriculture.

At the end of 2012, the region's irrigated area amounted to 3.13 million hectares, and the rural areas used 5.51 billion kWh of electricity to support animal husbandry that year.

A total of 781,000 hectares were afforested in 2012, including about 40,000 hectares of cultivated land as well as barren hills and wasteland. In addition, measures to protect natural forest resources resulted in a total of 116,000 hectares which were afforested. At the end of 2012, the total area of forest reached 23.66 hectares, accounting for 20 percent of the region's total area, and its forest industry realized industrial output value of 22.2 billion yuan ($3.63 billion).

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