Dragon-whiskers noodles highlight festival

By Chen Jie ( ) Updated: 2016-03-16 13:27:47

Dragon-whiskers noodles highlight festival

A chef from Quanjude restaurant performs the stunt of making "dragon-whiskers noodles". [Photo by Jiang Dong/China Daily]

The second day of the second Chinese lunar month is called the Longtaidou Festival, which literally means "Dragon raising its head". The festival fell on March 10 this year. In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon is believed to be in charge of bringing rain, critical for traditional agricultural society.

On the Longtaitou Festival, people do many things to worship the dragon. One is to eat "dragon-whiskers noodles", sauteed fine noodles.

The Quanjude restaurant chain, well-known for its Peking duck, will serve its special "dragon whiskers noodles" in all its restaurants in China this month.

In the chef's hands, 500 grams of flour can turn into 32,768 strands in 5 minutes. The chef in the headquarter restaurant in Qianmen once performed the stunt for VIP guests during the Beijing APEC meeting in 2014.


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