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BUCHAREST - Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday urged Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries to strive with China for all-dimensional, wide-ranging and multi-tier cooperation.

China and CEE countries are all emerging-market economies at similar phases of development, and they are all faced with the urgent task of restructuring their economies, innovating, and promoting competitiveness, Li said here when addressing the third China-CEE economic and trade forum.

Thus cooperation between China and CEE countries enjoys abundant opportunities and great potential, said Li, noting that their trade has withstood the impact of the international financial crisis and the European debt crisis and their practical cooperation has been brimming with vigor and vitality.

With the international economic situation undergoing profound and complex changes, China and CEE countries need to explore new ways to deepen their practical cooperation and expand their common interests, he added.

By doing so, Li said, China and CEE countries can beef up their cooperation in an all-dimensional, wide-ranging and multi-tier manner and accomplish all-win common development.

The premier proposed that China and CEE countries dedicate the next year to promoting trade and investment and work together to double their trade in five years.

China will host a series of programs, including a roundtable meeting of Chinese and CEE trade ministers and an exhibition of CEE products to accelerate the growth of China-CEE trade, Li said.

Beijing stands ready to increase the imports of competitive CEE products and encourage more Chinese tourists to visit CEE countries, added the Chinese premier.

Meanwhile, Li called for the launching of a number of large infrastructure projects, proposing to combine China's relatively mature and full-fledged industry of equipment manufacturing and the needs of CEE countries for infrastructure improvement.

In that way, China and CEE countries can steadily expand the scope and raise the level of their practical cooperation, said Li, adding that priority areas include high-speed and regular railway, nuclear and other forms of power, road, port and telecommunications.

The premier also suggested that China and CEE countries make full use of relevant financing mechanisms and encourage their financial institutions to set up branches in each other's jurisdictions and enlarge the scale of currency swap and local currency settlement.

Moreover, Li proposed that China and CEE countries boost corporate investment cooperation, work out a framework agreement on industrial investment, and rev up cooperation between Chinese and CEE small- and medium-sized enterprises.

He urged the governments, enterprises, think tanks and media of China and CEE countries to play their unique roles and work together to push China-CEE cooperation further forward more rapidly and steadily.

The premier stressed that China's development cannot be separated from cooperation with other countries, and the world's prosperity and stability need a growing and advancing China.

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