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When one seems much better than two

[2016-06-25 07:39]

Changes in family planning policies raise some highly emotional problems for many.

Ditching the tampon: Some women seeking reusable period care

[2016-06-18 16:05]

About 70 years after the invention of disposable tampons and sanitary pads, some women-primarily millennials-are choosing environmentally friendly forms of feminine products.

Good vibrations: The Hollywood sex toys that are creating a global buzz

[2016-06-18 15:46]

Once shady products now a staple at major health retailers.

Xiang Shan Guild: The artists behind China's botanical masterpieces

[2016-06-18 14:35]

Students of Chinese garden art all know about the Xiang Shan Guild or the Xiang Shan Gongfang (Studio)-as they built Suzhou's beautiful gardens and Beijing's magnificent Forbidden City.

Size doesn't matter for ballet company

[2016-06-18 14:30]

The Suzhou Ballet Company (SBC) may be relatively new when compared to its counterparts in China, but it has certainly punched above its weight when it comes to breaking new frontiers in the sphere of artistic expression.

Time to build a fund to retrieve relics from abroad

[2016-06-18 10:56]

Chinese children grow up with too few opportunities to see up close, especially in smaller and less-crowded settings, the beautiful objects made by their brilliant ancestors. This should change.

Finding the right 'build body room'

[2016-06-18 10:48]

Though a relatively new phenomenon, privately owned gymnasiums are becoming more and more popular in China. Finding the right one was easier than anticipated.

Hardly a dog's life for Obama's pets Bo and Sunny

[2016-06-04 15:01]

It's hardly a dog's life of just eating and sleeping for President Barack Obama's pets, Bo and Sunny.

To declaw or not to declaw

[2016-06-04 14:45]

A proposal to ban cat declawing in New York is singling out a once-common procedure that veterinarians say is now on the decline amid a wider debate about how we treat our household pets.

Luxury brands struggle to attract Millennials

[2016-06-04 14:15]

Internet generation has more debt and more awareness of other brands.

Will the artist show up to exhibition of his work?

[2016-05-28 11:16]

A major exhibition of Banksy's works opens in Rome and, as ever with the secretive British street artist, there is mystery attached.

Central Park re-opens secret sanctuary after 80 years

[2016-05-28 10:57]

Eighty years after it was shut off to the world, New York has reopened a secret woodland sanctuary a stone's throw from Fifth Avenue, just in time for summer.

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