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A zealous Chinese culture promoter in US

[2017-04-08 10:10]

Laurie Barnes is one of the few people who get to do what they love, and get paid for it. She has worked for decades as a curator to promote Chinese art in Palm Beach, a southern Florida town where not so many Chinese people live.

'The Ferryman' guides its author to world of literary success

[2017-04-08 10:01]

Claire McFall says she is astonished by how well the Chinese version of her book The Ferryman has done in China.

Spain's Blanca Li: Choreographer, woman of all trades, dreamer

[2017-04-08 09:52]

Blanca Li could not be busier: she is a dancer, film director and actress, and does choreography for stars like Beyonce and Daft Punk, and lots, lots more.

Hong Kong Heroes

[2017-04-08 09:23]

A play's revival brings to Beijing the little-known story of seven soccer players who were determined to get to the 1936 Olympic Games.

Taking Chinese music to the world

[2017-03-25 07:27]

Growing up in Beijing during the 1970s as an art student, Shen Lihui listened to Western bands from cassettes. He formed his own band, Sober, in 1988, with a group of like-minded friends.

Festival pays tribute to original Chinese theater productions

[2017-03-25 07:27]

The Tianqiao Performing Arts Center has just launched its Spring For Chinese Arts, an annual festival which pays tribute to original Chinese theater productions.

Hats and shiny leather come back in style

[2017-03-11 09:33]

The big Paris Fashion Week trends for autumn and winter.

Qipao fashion show exhibits beauty, facet of rich Chinese culture

[2017-03-11 09:10]

A fashion show on qipao, a stylish traditional Chinese dress for ladies, exhibited a beautiful facet of the rich Chinese culture to diplomats of different countries here at the African Union.

Diesel Black Gold highlights "urban attitude"

[2017-03-04 07:20]

Every year, extravaganza like Milan Fashion Week features legendary Italian brands, and Diesel, a leading denim jean pioneer, is one of the highlights.

Fendi befriends millennials as fashion looks to future

[2017-03-04 07:20]

The world's top fashion brands are doing some serious courting of social media-savvy youngsters, with Italy's Fendi the latest to unveil a hip website designed for millennials.

Ethnic Yi embroidery caters to modern tastes

[2017-02-04 09:24]

It has been a long journey for Wang Zonghui, who now helps more than 200 women make a living using their needlework skills.

Audiobooks see boom in digital, multitasking age

[2017-01-21 10:32]

Curling up with a paperback may be a forgotten luxury for many thanks to today's busy lifestyles, but listening to a book on the go, while shopping or jogging, is fast becoming the new norm.

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