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Golden ginkgo lightens Beijing up

2013-11-12 11:44

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As the home country of ginkgo, China accounts for 70 percent of this golden plant in the world. Thanks to the sun and autumn wind, Beijing’s ginkgo trees are shimmering like street lamps. Bathed in sunlight, the fan-like ginkgo leaves shine in hues of lemon yellow, which makes people feel like they are wandering through a fairyland full of golden warmth.

Golden ginkgo lightens Beijing up

Vistors take photos of ginkgo trees in Hongluo Temple scenic spot in Beijing's suburban Huairou district. Two ginkgo trees with a history of over one thousand years have entered the prime season for visitors to appreciate.[Photo/icpress]

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Golden ginkgo lightens Beijing up

Golden ginkgo lightens Beijing up

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