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Couple's trip of seeking dreams

2013-06-26 10:02

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Couple's trip of seeking dreams

[Photos by Liu Anxing]

Inspired by China's hosting of the 2008 Olympic Games, Su Chuiying and his husband Liu Anxing, who have been living in Australia for over ten years, started a journey in 2007 to the Midwest of Australia to promote the public awareness of the biggest sporting event and also discover the beauty of nature and life. It took the couple 70 days to drive a distance of 20,000 kilometers. They later published a book titled The Trip of Seeking Dreams.

"The road of the Olympics directs us to improve ourselves and treat ourselves kindly, helps us out of the mud that harms each other. It turns care, understanding and tolerance into a torch as well as the pursuit of being swifter, higher and stronger into sails." Su wrote in the book.

Su Chuiying now works as chairperson of Zhong Hua Satellite TV Group in Australia.

Couple's trip of seeking dreams

Couple's trip of seeking dreams

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