Jiangsu / My Jiangsu Story

"My Jiangsu story" - Sharon S.Y. Too Yok

[2015-12-23 15:41]

Sharon S.Y. Too Yok (杜喜云), a Mauritius girl studying in Changzhou University, shares her story of Jiangsu with us.

"My story with taxi drivers in Jiangsu" - Kana Saegusa

[2015-12-01 14:22]

Kana Saegusa, a Japanese student, came to China for the first time in September. She wants to tell her story with two taxi drivers here.

"Suzhou, a city of integration" by STEIN FREDERICK RUBEN (石雷德)

[2015-11-26 15:46]

石雷德/STEIN FREDERICK RUBEN is a German student at Soochow University. He has been many scenic spots in the city, which he wants to share with more people.

"Sentiment of Suzhou" - Kim Gyong Ock (金炅玉)

[2015-11-26 15:44]

金炅玉 (Kim Gyong Ock), a South Korean student, develops deep affection of Suzhou.

"Suzhou, between ancient history and modern development" - Ardi Pulaj

[2015-11-26 14:12]

Ardi Pulaj from Albania was deeply impressed by his prompt visit to Suzhou with friends. Let's hear his story....

Nanjing, a window to learn Chinese culture--Quach Thi, Ngoc Anh

[2015-11-24 18:30]

Quach Thi, Ngoc Anh(郭氏玉英), a Vietnamese student from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, considers Nanjing as a window to learn Chinese culture.

'Nantong, my second hometown'--Adina Bilkis Jahan(陈越)

[2015-11-24 18:20]

Adina Bilkis Jahan(陈越), a Bangladeshi student from Nantong University, considers Nantong as her second hometown.

'I grow more mature in Nanjing' -- Cao Quoc Dinh (高国定)

[2015-11-24 18:17]

CAO QUOC DINH (高国定), a Vietnamese student from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, grows mature from his life in Nanjing.

"Huai'an, an unforgettable city" - 金度亨

[2015-11-24 18:04]

金度亨 from South Korea now studies at Nanjing University. Last year, he came to Nanjing with his father. Now he wants to tell why Huai'an becomes an unforgettable place for him.

"Nanjing, a key for my life" - 林爱莲

[2015-11-24 18:04]

林爱莲, a Nanjing University student from Thailand, counts Nanjing as an important place for her.

NUAA- My Paradise in China--Ali Qadir (李卡)

[2015-11-24 17:54]

Ali Qadir (李卡), a Pakistani student from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, shares his stoy with us.

"Walking around Suzhou" - 山田佳子

[2015-11-24 17:52]

山田佳子, a Japanese student studying at Soochow University, is impressed by walking around the city.

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