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Know Wuxi by 10 surnames: Yang (杨)

[2017-01-10 15:04]

The Wuxi Yang family is historically famous for its academic achievements and contributions to the modern industry.

Colorful New Year celebrations across Jiangsu

[2016-12-30 15:25]

Various celebration activities were organized across Jiangsu and the atmosphere of happiness is all over its cities.

Changzhou villager devotes 40 years to straw painting

[2016-12-29 13:34]

Wang Aiqing in Changzhou, Jiangsu province has been devoted to straw painting for over 40 years.

Independent designers display craftsmanship spirit in Wuxi

[2016-12-26 11:15]

Seven independent designers gathered at the Wuxi Canal Arts Center on Dec 25 with their latest design collections.

'Shadow Hollywood' performed in East China

[2016-12-25 12:06]

Artists perform in the shadow play named "Shadow Hollywood" in Nantong, East China's Jiangsu province, Dec 23, 2016. The play performed by the shadow theatre Fireflies bases on the world-known movies, and movie enthusiasts from all over the world can find their favorite stories and characters coming into life in the shadows.

Iconic Wuxi eatery reveals tasty treats

[2016-12-14 09:03]

A gaggle of Wuxi expat workers came to Wang Xing Ji for a demonstration and tasting session of an array of the restaurant's heady delights on Dec 11.

Wuxi promotes football among teenagers

[2016-11-17 10:31]

Wuxi has hosted a series of football games in middle schools to popularize the sport and encourage teenagers to improve their physical health.

Wuxi gets 'not only' a bookstore

[2016-11-14 09:11]

A new branch of the Buzhi bookstore brand run by Phoenix Publishing and Media Company and realty developer Landsea Group opened in Wuxi.

Know Wuxi by 10 surnames: Xu (徐)

[2016-11-03 15:04]

There are thousands of people called Xu in Wuxi and they're all descended from one Xia Dynasty king.

Know Wuxi by 10 surnames: Qian (钱)

[2016-10-25 16:18]

The Wuxi Qian family produced plenty of famous scholars in the modern age. Check the history of Qians!

US high school signs agreement to open Wuxi campus

[2016-10-14 17:28]

An American school is to build a campus and start teaching in Wuxi National Hi-tech District (WND) after signing a cooperation agreement with the government on Oct 11, Wuxi Daily reported.

Know Wuxi by 10 surnames: Hua (华)

[2016-10-20 18:01]

The Hua family's history in Wuxi can be traced back 1,700 years.

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