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Type-P blood supply from Jiangsu helps a girl to recover from congenital heart disease

[2015-08-07 18:18]

Jiangsu donor of rare type-P blood enables girl to recover from congenital heart disease in Tianjin.

Self-service parcel pickup machines installed in Zhangjiagang

[2015-03-11 14:48]

A string of self-service parcel pickup machines recently popped up around residential areas in Zhangjiagang.

LAOWAI NOT: A global citizen

[2015-03-06 09:45]

Timothy Khang is a Korean-American, born in South Korea and educated in America.

Yangzhou takes measures to protect Grand Canal

[2015-03-03 08:31]

The Measures of Yangzhou City on Grand Canal Heritage Protection (the revised draft) was released on Feb 27 to solicit public opinions.

Jiangsu to eliminate off-spec vehicles for better environment

[2015-03-03 08:28]

Jiangsu will accelerate the elimination of vehicles failing to meet the exhaust emission standard as the Regulations of Jiangsu Province on Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control took effect from March 1.

Finless porpoise show up at waters in Nanjing

[2015-03-02 10:51]

Several finless porpoises were spotted on the morning of Feb 26 at waters near the bank of the Yangtze River’s upper section close to the Yangtze River Bridge in Nanjing.

French lung donor saves Wuxi patient’s life

[2015-02-28 11:10]

A French lung donor saved an emphysema terminal patient’s life in Wuxi, East China’s Jiangsu province, during the Spring Festival.

Wuxi tourism booms in Spring Festival

[2015-02-25 17:09]

The main attractions in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, has been visited more than 2.4 million times during the Spring Festival holiday.

Wuxi unveils its subway mascot

[2015-02-16 14:10]

Wuxi of Jiangsu province unveiled its subway mascot, Fubao or Fu-boy in English, on Feb 6.

HK low-cost airline to launch flights to Wuxi

[2015-02-15 13:27]

Sunan Shuofang Airport has confirmed on Feb 11 that it will become the fourth destination of Hong Kong Express Airways (HK Express) in the Chinese mainland since April.

Wuxi opens HSK test site

[2015-02-04 17:27]

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), or Chinese Language Proficiency Test, set up a test center in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, in Dec 2014.

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