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(China Daily) Updated: 2016-09-04 08:10

One of my first concerns before coming to China was safety. This country is culturally so different that you don't know what to expect beforehand. But once I got here I realized there's nothing to be afraid of. People are super friendly, helpful and respectful. This is the safest city I ever lived in.

Lic. Sebastian E. Tosi, business manager of Topquin Ltd, Argentina

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Most often for Australian companies, Tianhe is the preferred district to live and run a business in Guangzhou. Many great Australian companies are based in Tianhe as it is the most convenient location to connect, communicate and do business in Guangzhou.

Chris Roberts, chairman of AustCham South China, Australia

The local people are extremely kind. All Brazilian nationals I meet are very much satisfied as well. The inauguration of the complex of shopping and amusement facilities at the K11 will make life in Tianhe CBD even more exciting.

Jose Vicente Lessa, consul-general of Brazil in Guangzhou

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Everything is unique and could be used as a model for any urban development project. But above all those incredible elements, the most impressive for me is the coherence, the harmony of the whole area. There are a lot of places to rest under the shade of greenery and by the rivers.

Andre Poulin, executive director of Destination Centre-Ville-Montreal and vice chairman of World Business District Network, Canada

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It is comparable to La Dfense, one of the top CBDs in Europe. They are similar in offering the best business environment and in the ambition to be top CBDs in their respective continents, Europe and Asia.

Alexandre Beaudoux, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, France

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I like sports; and I like most the convenient location and urban green space planning of Tianhe CBD. There are many parks and green spaces for running.

Michael Li, board director and CEO of Allianz China General Insurance Company Ltd, Germany

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It's an excellent place to live and truly justifies the statement that "it is a city for the people" with all the prerequisite facilities. I like the ease of access and convenience to reach the place.

Sunil Kumar Sahu, researcher with Sun Yat-sen University, India

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My law firm is conveniently located in the heart of Zhujiang New Town, one step from the IFC and the K11 buildings, that I saw grow taller everyday from my office window.

Franco Fornari, senior consultant and team leader for a prestigious law firm, Italy

This is a really nice and cool city. You can find everything you need here. A great variety of food, hangouts such as bars and shopping malls. It is definitely an ideal place for me. It is very convenient for expats.

Andrea Zamboni, Chef de Cuisine, the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou, Italy

I felt great because of the activities. Not only did I get to know Chinese culture, but also I was able to make friends with people from other countries.

Naoko Tsukada, housewife, Japan

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I was surprised to see that Tianhe is full of shopping malls and restaurants, you can find almost every well-known international brand and buy imported products. I feel that it is a vibrant zone, with cultural vitality that comes with the merging of different cultures, languages and religions.

Carlos I. Giralt Cabrales, consul-general of Mexico in Guangzhou

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With a design approach that harmoniously integrates the past, the present and the future, Tianhe CBD has become the best example of a modern and environmentally friendly district in Guangzhou.

Rhee Sang Gi, president of Korea-China Regional Economic Assn, Republic of Korea

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I am glad my company is located in Tianhe CBD, which is conducive to our corporate image. I enjoy its prosperity and vitality, which is typical of Guangzhou's business atmosphere.

Alexey Fedotov, vice-chairman of the Russian Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Russia

Guangzhou is magnificent all the way from the airport to the Canton Tower. So many skyscrapers and the glittering riverside view make this area stand out. Is it the city's CBD?

Nicholas Kotch, former editor of Business Day, South Africa

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I am delighted that the UK has made such a big contribution to the skyline of the Tianhe CBD. The IFC building was designed by Britain's Wilkinson Eyre. And following a joint initiative by the British Consulate-General and the Guangzhou Tianhe CBD Administrative Committee, UK companies will help bring new skills into Guangzhou's financial services sector.

Matthew Rous, consul-general of the UK in Guangzhou

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If we can think of the different districts of Guangzhou as parts of the body then Tianhe is the brain. Tianhe is the center of everything that happens in Guangzhou.

Zach Wortham, managing director of the Manufacturing Operations Base of Skullcandy Audio, the US

(China Daily 09/04/2016 page42)

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