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创新战略伙伴关系(chuàngxīn zhànlüè huóbàn guānxì):Innovative strategic partnership

(China Daily) Updated: 2016-04-13 08:59

China and Switzerland have agreed to formulate a Sino-Swiss innovative strategic partnership to promote the common development and prosperity of the two countries.

The agreement was reached in Beijing on Friday, when Chinese President Xi Jinping met his Swiss counterpart Johann Schneider-Ammann during the latter's state visit to China.

It is expected the newly established innovative strategic partnership will inject new vitality into bilateral cooperation.

Xi said that Switzerland was one of the earliest Western countries to establish diplomatic ties with the People's Republic of China, and he praised the sound development of Sino-Swiss relations in recent years.

The two countries have jointly cultivated a cooperative spirit featuring equality, innovation and win-win, Xi said.

He also suggested the two sides enhance their strategic consultations, increase mutual understanding and trust, and outline major areas of cooperation, so as to effectively implement the new partnership.

It is the first time China has established an innovative strategic partnership with any other country, demonstrating the great importance China has attached to innovation.

Despite its small size, Switzerland has been one of the most innovative countries with its per capita patents ranking the second in the world, next only to Japan. The country also boasts many world-known enterprises in high-end manufacturing, ecological and environmental protection.

The new partnership is expected to set an example for international cooperation in innovation.

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