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Blanket ban on music not the cure for noise pollution

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-10-22 07:55

A new regulation on noise pollution control issued by the local government in Lijiang, Southwest China's Yunnan province, which forbids music being played during daytime in the old town and after 11:30 pm in the bar street, has triggered wide controversy and criticism. Comments:

The outdoor noise during the daytime is indeed unbearable, so the local government's attempt to control noise pollution is a welcome move. However, the new regulation is too simple and crude, since music does not equal noise. Worse, the regulation will inevitably reduce the old town's vitality, which might affect the attractiveness of Lijiang as a tourist destination. Therefore, it would be better if local officials shift their attention to figuring out other genuine causes of noise pollution in the old town with the help of the public's supervision, and then solve the problems with customized measures.

Zhengzhou Evening News, Oct 21

The noise problem in the old town of Lijiang has escalated over the years. Since a blanket ban on all sources of noise in an attempt to cure the problem will inevitably affect the development of local tourism, the solution should take into consideration not only the quality of life of residents, but also the city's character as a tourist destination. The authorities, before making any decision, should balance the appeals of all the parties involved and investigate the practical situation rather than try and handle it with a sloppy shortcut., Oct 21

The old town of Lijiang, and its neighboring areas, which used to be an attractive destination for young people, has deviated from its old image and become less attractive during the past few years. The local tourism authorities, if they have the determination to regulate the tourism environment, could start by maintaining fair market order, enhance the local environment and protect the old town's signature character. Even for the sake of noise control, such a simple and crude solution is not at all recommended because it will completely ruin the special enchantment of the old town.

Beijing Times, Oct 21

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