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Teacher can't take shelter from criticism

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-05-07 07:48

A primary schoolteacher in Shanghai has been widely criticized after a photo was posted online on April 30 showing a much shorter student of hers holding a parasol for her during a class outing. The school on Tuesday explained that it was the student who volunteered to do so for the teacher because they are very close. Comments:

What is even more notable in the case is that the pupil said he wanted to hold an umbrella for his teacher, who is obviously taller and more suited to holding it than him. The teacher seemed to enjoy her privilege of being "cared for" by the boy, who is supposed to learn the importance of equality rather than obsequiousness at school.

Cai Ningzhen, a guest commentator with Lanzhou Evening News, May 6

Whether the teacher asked the student to hold the parasol is unclear, as the investigation is still going on. It will make a difference if the adult proves to be totally unaware of what the boy did for her, which is clearly not so convincing. Anyway, one has to wait till all is clear before making a slapdash comment on the story.

Gao Yazhou, a guest commentator with Beijing News, May 6

Unlike those privileged and power-abusing officials, a primary school teacher sheltering under her student's parasol should not be equally judged if they happen to be in a close relationship. Excessive cynicism may end up dealing a blow to such a bond, even confusing the teenager who did it out of good intentions.

Xie Xiaogang, a guest commentator with, May 6

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