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The best and the worst in one day

By MichaelM ( Updated: 2015-04-17 10:05

She demanded that I give her money or get out. I chose to get out as fast I could. I would lose nearly 25,000. I'm not rich and can't stand such a loss, but, I couldn't stay in China living under such conditions. So, I found a new place to live that was much cheaper (and smaller). However, the new owner/landlord here was very understanding of my situation. In fact, he informed me that he knew the lady that I'd dealt with and told me that everyone knows how big a problem she always is for many, many people. He lowered my rent substantially and asked for only half of the deposit. He gave me very good terms and the apartment is new. It has never been lived in.

Yesterday, as I was moving out, the landlord refused to allow the moving company truck through the gate of the community. She wanted me to give her 2,000 RMB before she would allow the guard to open the gate. I was willing to give her the money just to get free from her and that community. I was tired of all the craziness (something I've not encountered in my 56 years of living).

More than 30 people from the Binhe Park/Zhengzhou University English corner and nearly a dozen parents of my students, showed up at my home to help me move. I was so humbled that so many would come to support me. When the owner found out that so many had come to support me, she also showed up. She told several lies during a chaotic verbal riot that ensued between her and the many people from the English corner and students' parents. I thought to myself, "What am I doing in China?" It was the most insane, chaotic situation I've ever experienced.

Finally, the moving truck did get in. However, when they tried to leave, she tried again to make me pay her money or she'd refuse to allow the guard to open the gate. Unbelievable. Finally, the moving truck was blocking the drive and someone threatened to get the police and the news media there. The local television station, ZZTV had already been contacted and wanted to come to cover the story. The guard took the threats seriously and opened the gate.

I saw the best and the worst in Chinese people yesterday. The English corner friends and the parents of my students came, supported me, helped me pack, helped me move and helped me unpack and arrange my home. Almost no one left until my new apartment was completely in order late last night.

Here's the fact. More than 99% of people in China are kind, caring, fair, honest and great to know. There is that small 1% who aren't. I've saw both yesterday. The kindness far outweighs the other side. I'm blessed to know such amazing people. I'm staying in China. I have a deep love for the wonderful people that I know here. I realize that there's such crazy people in every country (though I've never encountered such). But, for every one of them, there are 99 others who are the greatest people on earth.

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