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Officials falsifying files unforgivable

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-02-27 08:18

To falsify or tamper with the information on the personal files of officials is undoubtedly a form of corruption. But it is beyond the imagination of many that such an illegal and unethical practice could be so rampant that, according to a Xinhua report, a campaign is to be launched this year for organizational departments at all levels to check the personal files of all officials.

In one known instance, all the personal information of an official in North China's Hebei province was found to be false except her gender. It is common for some officials to have their ages altered so they are several years younger in their personal files, in order to get a chance for promotion or to postpone their retirement until several years later.

Some have even gone so far as to have a lot of credits added to the personal information in their files or to wipe clean their personal slate by having records of dishonor or guilt deleted so that they can get promoted. In another case, an official had his official position elevated to a level higher in his personal files before he was transferred to another province.

The management of personal files should be a serious matter, as the files will be examined when an official is up for promotion. But in reality, it has become a game of such absurdity that officials can readily have their information adulterated to their advantage.

The central inspection teams that inspected 20 provinces and autonomous regions in 2014 found serious problems in the personal files of officials in 15 provinces and autonomous regions. Some officials have already received disciplinary penalties for the doctoring of information in their files.

It is unforgivable for officials to get involved in such an indecent and unethical practice.

Both Party and government officials are supposed to set a good example for ordinary citizens no matter what they do. Those whose personal information is found to be adulterated for their own ends should be expelled from both the government and the Party.

Not least because what they have done puts their personal integrity in question.

Their dishonesty discredits both the Party and government. They cannot be trusted as a Party member or government employee. If they remain Party members and are not barred from being government employees, they should at least be blacklisted as officials with a record of discredit that should prevent them from being promoted or placed in important positions.

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