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Why few Chinese brands make it abroad?

( Updated: 2014-12-26 08:21

Sfphoto (Expat in China)

There are lots of high-quality manufacturers in China. For example, I was shopping around for an air-purifier product in China and found out that there are 200 brands, both local and foreign, being sold in the market. I settled for a Chinese company which had their R&D center in Germany and their factory in China. In other words, they were using German technology and Chinese manufacturing to come up with a superior product with more features at a lower price than competing brands from foreign countries. The air purifier market in China is actually more competitive than any market in the world.

Why few Chinese brands make it abroad?

A Xiaomi Corp billboard at an expo in Beijing. The Chinese smartphone maker, now third-largest in the world, sold more than 17 million handsets in the third quarter of this year. [Photo/China Daily]

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