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Parents and the issue of marriage

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-09-18 07:39

Comment on "Should parents push their children into marriage?" (China Daily website, Sept 12)

The concept and importance of marriage are different in different societies and cultures. In China many parents believe it is their responsibility to build their children's future, which includes getting them married.

Chinese parents often take the initiative to exchange their children's information with families with potential match and/or organize blind dates for them. I met my wife on a blind date and can thus understand the pressure parents could put on their children by reminding them of their age and tirelessly probing about their love life.

Most of my friends' parents don't pressure their children to get married and respect their offspring's decisions. But, all the same, they keep on expressing concern over their children's bachelorhood.

Also, many Chinese youths feel frustrated if they cannot get married by a certain age, and won't rule out going on blind dates, even though they reserve the right to take the final decision. After all, there's no point ruling out practical approaches to marriage provided parents play a supporting, not domineering, role.

ZOUXIANG, via e-mail


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