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Is marriage worth it?

( Updated: 2014-09-15 07:59

jhaye_le (China)

Life will not be so easy as like that. Even if you will not marry, you will be bound to some differences of opinions, work, etc.

If you say marriage is the grave of love, you're just a coward not to embrace its pain, challenges and hardships. You only want the easy way out. Sad, isn’t it? But sometimes, it's true.

Marriage has many pains, but celibacy has no pleasures.

Is marriage worth it?

 Jeanpesola(Left) and her husband Wang Zhengdong, hand in hand, are stepping to meet her parents-in-law during the wedding in Jiuchi town of Pengzhou city, Sichuan Province, August 28, 2004. [Photo/IC]

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