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Would you give a dowry?

( Updated: 2014-08-20 08:14

Editor's note: It is a traditional Chinese custom for a man to offer a dowry to the parents of his future wife, and the custom is still widely practiced. What do you think about dowry giving? Readers from around the world share their views. You are also welcome to leave your comments.

Smaug (US)

We don't really do dowries, here in the US. We like to marry for love. A dowry would raise suspicions that there is some other reason for the marriage, and we don't like that.

Many times, a rich person will actually try to HIDE that fact, so that they know when they find a mate, they can KNOW that it is not because s/he knew the person was rich. I have an uncle who is pretty well off. When he goes shopping for a new Mercedes, he goes looking sloppy. Cut-off shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals. If the salesmen treat him well anyway, he will buy the car from them. If not, he walks out and they lose an easy cash sale.

Would you give a dowry?

A wedding motorcade of classic British TX4 taxis drives along the street in Jiangsu province's capital Nanjing. Wang Luxian / For China Daily

Would you give a dowry? Would you give a dowry?
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