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Food safety deserves concerns

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-08-18 08:39

Engage people to ensure food safety

Comments on "Scandal-hit China food firm withdrawing all products" (China Daily website, July 27)

Law enforcement officials should start from the bottom and work upwards to identify food making and processing companies that violate food safety norms. Since China is a vast country, it should consider employing people who could act as whistle-blowers in order to curb illegal activities that have been compromising food safety in the country. The community is the best force that can help the authorities regulate the food industry and ensure the safety of food sold in the market.

ARKONE, from China Daily website

Blame fast food chains for scandals

The authorities have been trying to keep fast food chains in check, because some foreign fast food companies have not treated the Chinese market with the same amount of care and concern that they show in the West. No wonder, foreign fast food chains have been caught in one food scandal after another.

GHOSTBUSTER, from China Daily website

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