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Kissing contests smack of indecency

By lexalee ( Updated: 2014-06-18 17:28

Why are kissing contests all the rage in China? They're usually promotional stunts put on by a big retailer or mall offering cash prizes, jewelry, popular digital devices, etc. Couples stand out in full view of avid spectators and compete for the longest or most acrobatic kisses, sometimes with a few contestants fainting from their exertions.

Will someone please tell me: are Chinese couples craving the public attention as well as the prizes?

Is a kissing contest an excuse for them to kiss in public? If so, it's ironic. They need an excuse to do something they would otherwise never do in public, as much as they'd like to?

Maybe the large numbers of contestants is an indication of how much they'd like to kiss in public. I see photos of these events and I think they're mostly pawing at each other and it's awful, on the same level as people awkwardly undressing in public.

I've seen many naked people in my years as a doctor. Frankly, 90 percent of the population looks best with its clothes on.

I've never seen such kissing contests in other countries, although in the West there are always couples who enjoy putting on their own display of fervent kissing and clutching in public places.

They like flaunting themselves, not caring what sort of attention they attract. They may think it's wonderful and passionate, but spectators upon whom the sight is inflicted tend to think it inappropriate and disgusting.

Sometimes it's called “sucking face,” which is a pretty gross term. If a couple goes too far in public, it's not ok. They could be arrested by the police for lewd behavior. There are still some types of behavior that are not suitable in public places.

Every country has its own general ideas of what is acceptable as public displays of affection. Westerners often hug each other and kiss each other lightly on the cheek, even if they are casual acquaintances.

Couples will hold hands and kiss each other on the mouth. In a more relaxed atmosphere, a woman might sit on a man's lap. Not everyone considers that ok.

In China, I saw some student couples do some things that looked weird and awkward to me. One example is a girl climbing onto the boy's back. Maybe this was because she was tired of walking, but they'd give up on this pretty quickly because the boy couldn't hold her up for long.

Many Chinese guys also carry their girlfriends' handbags. Is this supposed to be romantic? Americans don't think so. They think it looks silly. Guys would be embarrassed to do this.

Chinese guys seem to be fine with it, but they won't wear boots during cold snowy winters to protect their own feet and legs from the elements. Out of all things Western that Chinese people copy, this hasn't taken root. It makes no sense to me.

But then, few Chinese go hiking in the wilderness, ride horses or heavy duty motorcycles wearing protective leather clothing. It would be unwise not to wear boots during these activities. Such boots are not intended to be cute and frilly; they go back thousands of years, even in Asia.

Only later were some boots worn solely as fashion statements. Most boots in China are made of light synthetic materials with chains, studs, bows, and other cosmetic attachments for women, but they're not sturdy enough for strenuous activities.

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