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How to make friends with foreigners

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Don't use foreigners for language practice

Many Chinese people are looking to learn English. For many, finding a foreign friend, in particular a British, American, Australian, or New Zealander, is a big advantage. It's a quick step to speaking fluent English and it can often be fun. More importantly, it is free of charge (or maybe the price of a coffee). However, when we come to China to make friends we want to make genuine friends. It doesn't feel that genuine when your opening line is "You speak English, can you teach me?" If you really want to make friends with a foreigner, take an interest in what they are doing, take an interest in them. The same goes for foreigners. I know a few foreigners who just have some Chinese friends to practice their Chinese. Remember, we are all people and we shouldn't be using each in this way. Instead, we can first take an interest in the person and then practice whatever language we want to practice once we get to know each other. The objective should be making friends, it shouldn't be using people for your language practice.

How to make friends with foreigners

How to make friends with foreigners How to make friends with foreigners How to make friends with foreigners
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