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How to make friends with foreigners

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Editor's note: Chinese people are more than happy to make foreign friends, but the process is not so easy. Most foreigners who want a genuine Chinese friend often get annoyed when they feel they are being treated as a tool to improve someone's conversational English.

Our blogger from UK, who goes by the online name of seanboyce88, has compiled a list of some dos and don'ts when it comes to making a foreign friend. If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments.

The Don'ts:

Don't stare

As a foreigner living in China, especially in the northeastern city of Harbin, one of the first things you come to notice is the "Asian Stare" as I have come to call it. This is how I describe the action that Chinese (or Asians in particular) are sometimes wont to do whenever they see a foreigner within 50 paces. Sometimes they just drop everything and stop to stare. It's like you have just walked out of the house naked. For me, this is a very disconcerting feeling that to this day makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable in China. I have noticed this is especially particular to Harbin, where I live. In more culturally diverse cities like Beijing and Shanghai, such occurrences occur less often. However, if you stare at me like I'm the new iPhone 6, I can assure you I will not want to be your friend and will instead run away for fear that you are going to tap my face repeatedly in a bid to play the new Angry Birds game.

How to make friends with foreigners

How to make friends with foreigners How to make friends with foreigners How to make friends with foreigners
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