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Have faith in your culture

Updated: 2014-03-06 08:27
( China Daily)

Many feel the popularity of South Korean TV dramas in China has hurt some Chinese people's feelings and lowered the cultural self-esteem of the country. But according to Xu Qinsong, a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and dean of Guangdong Painting Academy, it is the result of people's lack of confidence in their own culture, says an article in Yangtze Evening Post. Excerpts:

Culture is supposed to be open and competitive. The fact that a South Korean wave (signified by TV dramas) is sweeping China only shows that our culture has become more inclusive and the films and TV series produced by South Korea have acquired a rather competitive edge. But the popularity of such TV dramas can neither determine the vitality of our culture nor undermine our cultural confidence as long as we believe in the strength and importance of Chinese traditions and customs.

A culture, including pop culture, becomes popular because of its comforting or inspirational quality. Although people may criticize the South Korean TV dramas for being superficial or detached from real life, the way they portray pure love is something that people have always longed for.

A vigorous culture will never suffer from a sense of inferiority because of the existence of another powerful of influential culture. Therefore, the problem does not lie with the South Korean TV dramas or the people who love them, but with whether or not Chinese people believe in their own culture.

People of a country can have faith and confidence in their culture only when it exhibits its innovative and influential power.

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